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What We Do

Wewenet is building a disruptive innovative network infrastructure that can be deployed anytime, anywhere to provide seamless internet connectivity to anyone in the world, with the company group’s dedicated high throughput satellite resources.

Our next-generation internet solution consists of distributed micro clouds, Wi-Fi 6 technology, and a collection of hardware equipment for satellite communications.

Wewenet’s integrated network solution could provide a seamless user experience to our end customers, including public internet users, corporate accounts, etc.; enabling our users to access high-speed broadband internet in underserved areas and challenging environments such as remote villages, mountain trails, outlying islands, sailing cruises at sea, or even moving planes in the sky. Furthermore, with no reliance on fibre infrastructure or grid electricity supply, our products and solution could be deployed anywhere quickly with high sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

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Our Technology

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Satellite Communications

As a pioneer in satellite communications, we are proud to present our game-changing satellite communications solution. Designed to revolutionize connectivity, our solution brings unparalleled advantages to businesses and industries worldwide. By leveraging the group's dedicated satellite resources, we enable high-speed, low-latency data transmission, seamless international coverage, and enhanced communication reliability.

Experience a new era of connectivity with our cutting-edge satellite communications solution, empowering your business to thrive in remote and underserved areas, disaster-prone regions, and industries that demand real-time data exchange. Embrace the future of satellite communications and unlock limitless possibilities with our innovative satellite solution.

Cloud Computing

With our expertise in cloud computing, we bring you the power of decentralized and distributed infrastructures. Our solution utilize localized data centers and edge devices, enabling low-latency processing, enhanced privacy, and secure data management.

Unlock the potential of edge applications, IoT devices, and real-time analytics with our innovative Micro Local Cloud solution. Stay ahead in the era of responsive computing, and experience the seamless integration of cloud capabilities at the edge with our cutting-edge product.

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Wireless Technology

Introducing our cutting-edge wireless technology solution, designed to revolutionize connectivity and empower individuals, businesses, and industries. Our wireless technology harnesses the power of Wi-Fi and cellular networks to deliver seamless and convenient connectivity, eliminating the constraints of physical cables. With mobility, scalability, and easy setup at its core, our solution enables effortless access to information, efficient data sharing, and a wide range of applications. 

Experience the future of connectivity with our innovative wireless technology solution, transforming the way you connect, communicate, and collaborate.

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This is a unique opportunity for passionate and high caliber people like you to participate in the satellite telecommunications industry.

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